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What section of water were you on? (see Section Map)

Reporting Lengths

Measurements are reported in half-inch increments. Tails may be pinched to make the measurement. Round up from 1/4th inch increments, and round down from 1/8th inch increments.

Examples: A 19 1/4th inch fish is reported as 19.5″, and a 19 1/8th inch fish is reported as 19.0″.

Largest Fish (in inches)

Best 5 Fish (total length in inches)

What year did you join PRSC? (You may be eligible for the new member award.)


This information is not required to enter, but may aid in humbling and de-moralizing other contestants.

Where were your fishing? (Not looking for GPS coordinates here – just a general idea of what float you were on or what put-in you used.)

What lure or presentation did you use?

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Fine Print

  • Only PRSC members are eligible to participate – you must be a member at the time the fish is caught.
  • Only smallmouth bass are eligible.
  • Fish must be released to be eligible.
  • Contest begins Jan. 1 and ends Oct. 31.
  • Fish must be reported within one month of being caught.